Pickup Wiring Workshop

Learn to wire pickups into your guitar with the NCK Custom Shop!

How it works:

Bring your guitar, and a new pickup that you’d like to wire in. If you don’t have a pickup, you can buy a set from us at a great discount. Our experienced techs will guide and teach you how to install, wire and calibrate your pickups to a professional level. After students have wired in their pickups, they can test, demo and compare their work with each other. It will be a great day of pickup wiring fun and meeting new friends who share the same passion for guitar pickups and tech talk as you do!

What you will learn:

Professional level soldering and desoldering techniques. These techniques will help reduce risk of damage to your components and help eliminate unwanted noise.
Pickup calibration to ensure you get the best tonal response from your pickups.
Learn to choose components to get the best tone and playability from your pickups. Pots, switches, wire, caps, and jacks. They can all affect the overall tone and feel of your guitar.
How to identify and correct common wiring mistakes.
Tips and tricks used by professionals.


Time: Dec 1st 2018 (Sat) 2-5pm
Class size: 4-6 students
Price: HKD500
The first 5 students to enroll are eligible for a one time discount on one set of pickups from our inventory.
Requirements: Basic wiring toolkit available for our pickup wiring workshop students for HKD$200 (regular price $250 for non-workshop students) You may bring your own kit if you already have one.

To sign up or to enquire for more information, please contact us through our Facebook page or via email at sales@nckguitars.com.